Recommended by Carl and Lisa McCoy:

Immediately impressed with sincerity and politeness of owner.
Superior cleanliness of establishment.
Pleased with how well dogs were groomed after boarding for one month.
We have used other facilities but none hold a candle to the care and cleanliness of Ace's Tall Pine Kennels.

Recommended by Peter and Carol Schwarzl:
Gratitude and thanks for excellent care and training.
Loving and training continued in our absence.
We made the correct decision in entrusting our dog with Phil.
Highly recommend your services.
Recommended by Nigel Lewis:
I regularly boarded my dog over the past few years for up to two months at a time.
Always impressed with service and condition of kennel.
Extremely clean and presentable.
Phil is always working on kennel and with other pets when I visit.
My dog is always in good condition, well exercised upon pick up.
I have complete confidence in Phil.
Recommend without hesitation as far as safety, security, and service.
Recommended by Bonnie, Carl, and Eric Lindros:
"My dog Bacchus was trained by Phil of Ace's Tall Pine Kennels. We were very pleased with the handling and training of our dog by Phil and recommend him highly as a dog trainer."
Recommended by Robert G. Long:
"I have had the rewarding experience of having my dog, Diesal, an Alsatian/Husky/Labrador cross, trained by Philip Mathew of Ace's Tall Pine Kennels. I can only say that I am very pleased with the result and would offer this recommendation to any potential applicant for his services."
Recommended by Ruth Newell:
"Late in the summer of 1996, I had the opportunity to use a kennel named Ace's Tall Pine Kennels while away for a short holiday. As the owner of a large working breed and also a toy breed I was concerned about the care that two such different animals would require. I am pleased to say that when I arrived to pick them up both dogs were in good health and condition.

At that time the large one was left for a training session and upon completion of this training, I was pleased to see a much quieter, less nervous and aggressive animal. I visited my dog several times during his training and at no time did he appear unhappy.

It is a great pleasure now to walk him and take him with me whenever I travel. This has been a positive experience for my dog and me."
Recommended by Wayne C Defour:
"The following is a brief summary of my experience since meeting Phil. I was talking in a friend's driveway when I noticed a Rottweiler being walked. The dog struck my attention enough to ask the owner for the name of his breeder. The next thing I knew I was a proud owner of two beautiful dogs. From the first phone call through to final delivery of the dogs, I was extremely satisfied with Phil's professionalism. He truly cares for the well being of the breed as demonstrated with the endless after sale support I've received. I had the opportunity to see Phil and my dog's father and cousin in the ring at the Montreal dog show this past fall. Let me tell you, I had a first hand comparison against many other Rottweilers, my position now is the same as it was then (I knew I found the right breeder). My vet commented on the quality of the line, she commented on their temperament. I attribute it to the training support Phil has provided me with. As for their health, as far as my vet is concerned they both pass with flying colors."
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